GCF Online Grant Application

Welcome to our new online GCF Grant Application. Please fill out the form below and answer the questions to the best of your ability. Feel free to fill in as much detail as you believe will help us best understand your organization’s need and its connection to Golden. All applications are due by Wednesday, October 18, 2017.



Please include a detailed description on the following five questions. It is intended that the applications that best meet the following selection criteria will be given preference in funding. However, the Foundation will judge the merits of each application and the amount of funding, if any, based on, not only the selection criteria, but also funding available, current Foundation objectives, past experience and history, and other tangible and intangible criteria. The Foundation reserves the right to be the sole decision-maker regarding funding of grants.

If applicable, include substantiation of funding need and anticipated results along with other funding sources and amounts. Important: Information will be scored and weighted with the selection criteria based on the following criteria

For example, how will the grant support a need that impacts the vitality of the Golden community. Will the grant support our tourism or economic vitality in Golden?

For example, how will the funds be used for programs that directly impact the quality of life for Golden community members. How does the organization support student engagement, learning culture, and academic achievement for our community’s future generations? How does the organization make a significant, sustainable difference, now or in the future for Golden’s community members?

For example, how does your organization strive to improve systems and develop approaches to provide the basic needs of our community members when those needs would otherwise be unmet?

For example, does a significant portion of your organization’s budget rely on the Foundation’s grant to continue its operations?