Is to invest in the economic and cultural vitality of the Golden community.
For 50 years we have supported civic development and provided community and civic grants and small business loans with the help of our partnerships, donations, and volunteers. Our charter is clear; To champion the passion and spirit of those who inhabit our neighborhoods, to assist beyond what’s expected, and ultimately abide by the “Golden Rule.”



September 22 & 23, 2023 at Clear Creek Lot – 304 10th Street, Golden



“…Wonderful places that we now take for granted like, The Golden Hotel, Clear Creek Square, Clear Creek Commons, Indulge, Golden Sweets, and so many more, as well as the plentiful free parking that makes coming here so easy, all owe their existence to these organizations. We could not have done it without the Golden Civic Foundation!”

Mike Bestor

Golden City Manager 1993-2015

Foundation News

2022 was a busy year for the Golden Civic Foundation and we are excited to share our 2022 Community Impact Report here!  

With fifty-plus years of history and connection in Golden, the Golden Civic Foundation is uniquely positioned to help the community thrive via many important community efforts that might not happen otherwise. We are a partner and resource for local businesses via loans to encourage successful, locally-owned, character (non-national franchise) businesses, we support schools and non-profit organizations via leadership and community grants to enable enhanced social, civic, cultural and education-based services for Golden residents, and, we provide leadership and funding to help manage planned and unexpected community challenges and civic development projects.  

We do this work with the support of private, individual donors, businesses, targeted fundraising, and strategic financial management. 

When the Foundation was founded fifty years ago, the needs and priorities of our Golden community were different. Fifty years from now, they will look different still. But as you will see in our Community Impact Report, we strive to make an impact on Golden in critical areas to protect Golden’s character and help our community thrive. We hope to inspire our community to give and make a difference. You can be confident the Golden Civic Foundation will still be here generations from now – creating positive change and impact for the betterment of all our residents. 

Yours in Golden,

The Golden Civic Foundation Board of Directors & Staff  

47th Annual Gala & Auction

47th Annual Gala & Auction

The Golden Civic Foundation’s 47th Annual Gala & Auction, came into orbit on Saturday, October 22nd at the Colorado School of Mines Lockridge Arena. A few highlights of our “Planet Golden: Next Generation Neon & Old School Alien” evening include: More than 500...