Community Grant Program Overview

The mission of the Golden Civic Foundation (Foundation) is to invest in the economic and cultural vitality of the Golden community. For 50 years we have provided community grants with the help of our partnerships, donations, and volunteers. Our charter is clear; To champion the passion and spirit of those who inhabit our neighborhoods, to assist beyond what’s expected, and ultimately abide by the “Golden Rule.”

Since 1970, the Golden Civic Foundation has acted for the “Good of Golden” as a  community catalyst, responding to immediate needs and anticipating future challenges. The Foundation’s primary focus includes civic development, community-oriented small business loans and an annual Community Grant Program that has provided more than $6.5 million of funding to charitable organizations, public schools, government, museums and cultural centers in the greater Golden area.

In the first quarter of 2021, the Foundation released funds for the 2020/2021 grant cycle. An overview of the 2020/2021 grants can be found here along with detailed lists of Past Grant Recipients.


Important to note is that we in these challenging times of economic distress and uncertainty, we have formed the COVID-19 Community Response Fund (Fund) to provide relief to City of Golden community members that have been the most critically impacted by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Understanding that the impact of this pandemic will be seen in multiple phases, grant applications continue to be accepted from 501c3 organizations, government agencies or Golden schools. More information can be found on our COVID-19 Community Response Grant Program website.

The Golden Civic Foundation is a catalyst for a positive change in our community. From bolstering essential human services to strengthening cultural enrichment, the Golden Civic Foundation embodies the spirit of generosity and philanthropy of the people of Golden. To Golden History Museum & Park, GCF has been a critical partner for advancing the museum’s educational and preservation mission and improving accessibility for all audiences. Because of the Golden Civic Foundation, Golden is a better place.

Nathan Richie

Director, Golden History Museum & Park