Why Support the Golden Civic Foundation?

WORKING TOGETHER, we can Build a Better Golden! For nearly 50 years, the Golden Civic Foundation has proven and continues to be a community catalyst. As a local nonprofit organization, here are many reasons to support the Golden Civic Foundation:

REPUTATION › › › We are a proven partner.

Deeply rooted in the community since 1970, the Golden Civic Foundation is an immediately recognizable and trusted organization. Supporting the Golden Civic Foundation sends a clear message that you are committed to making positive and lasting change happen in our Golden community.

REACH › › › We are relevant and evolving.

The depth and breadth of our connections in the community is unparalleled. The Golden Civic Foundation has diverse partnerships across all sectors, demographics and focus areas. Through our programs – Civic Development, Community Grants and Business Loan Programs – the Golden Civic Foundation is constantly evolving and well positioned to understand and meet the needs of our City.

IMPACT › › › We affect change.

The Golden Civic Foundation’s impact is diverse and far-reaching. From the private sector to government, community organizations, local schools, donors, volunteers and residents, we provide a conduit to support and make our community stronger.

When you sign up to become monthly donor, you join a passionate group of people dedicated to making an impact on our community programs.

Please consider being a part of our Monthly Giving Program and be assured you’ll be MAKING A DIFFERENCE in our Golden community.

“The Outdoor Lab Foundation is grateful for the support of the Golden Civic Foundation.  Because of organizations like this, we can help continue the almost 55 year tradition of outdoor science education in Jefferson County.  Thank you for helping the over 6,000 students a year attend Outdoor Lab regardless of ability to pay or disability.” Shannon Hancock

Former Executive Director, Outdoor Lab Foundation