Golden Nonprofit Leadership Roundtable: Inspiring Community Engagement

2022 Meeting Schedule

(as of May 10, 2022 – Schedule may be subject to change)


January: “7 Ways to Cultivate Donors Smarter
in 2022”

Wednesday, January 26 from 12-1:30pm at the Miners Alley NEW Location (previously Meyer Hardware)

Presenter: Derik Timmerman, Sparrow Solutions

February: HAPPY HOUR!

Thursday, February 3 from 4:30- 6pm at the Miners Alley Playhouse (current location – 1224 Washington Avenue)

Join your GNLR colleagues for socializing and sharing. Free food and drinks!

March: “Beyond Cash: Planned Giving, Stocks & Steps”

Wednesday, March 23 from 12-1:30pm at the Foothills Art Center (809 15th Street, Golden)

Setting up and maintaining a Planned Giving Program can seem like a lot of work for a nonprofit organization. Where do you start, and who do you turn to when a donor wants to gift stocks and other non-cash assets? This session looked at the basics of Planned Giving, and also provided specific ideas regarding how to actually carry out some of the typical, seemingly (but not really) complicated details.


May: “Volunteer 360: Needs, Organizing, Unleashing, Recognition”

Wednesday, May 25 from 12-1:30pm at the Foothills Animal Shelter (580 McIntyre Street, Golden, CO 80401 – next door to the Jeffco Fairgrounds)

Without volunteers, many of us could not carry out our programs and fulfill our missions. But volunteers require continuing attention, much like their paid staff counterparts. This session will look at a wide array of issues and needs, from determining if your organization could use more volunteers, to recruitment and training, to motivating and unleashing potential, to ongoing involvement and recognition, and more! Breakouts will target those just getting started, and there will be freestyle time to chat with a variety of nonprofit volunteer experts.

PRESENTERS: Our expert panel includes Angela Bomgaars, Extreme Community Makeover (getting started); Kristin Galles, Foothills Animal Shelter (intake and training); Jo Schantz, Jefferson County Library Foundation (ongoing and episodic recruitment); Rob Kramer, Colorado Railroad Museum (recruitment and recognition).


Wednesday, July 27 from 12:00pm to 2pm at the Golden Visitors & Information Center

Please join us Wednesday, July 27 from 12:00-2:00 p.m. at the Golden Visitors Center in Golden. We’ll enjoy a low-key picnic/gathering on the Visitors Center’s outdoor porch, which overlooks Clear Creek and the adjoining pathway. This is a great way for us all to come together to express our gratefulness “For the Good of Golden.” For those who RSVP in advance of the picnic, enjoy a no-fuss lunch courtesy of Miner’s Alley Playhouse and the Golden Nonprofit Leadership Roundtable!

Thus far in 2022, the Roundtable has offered three learning sessions: Ways to Cultivate Donors, Planned Giving, and a Volunteer 360. We still have two more sessions planned for September and November. But for July, here’s an opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy a no-hassle lunch with your GNLR colleagues! Please join us—and better yet, bring along a leadership colleague from your own organization or another Golden nonprofit!


September: “Board Development: Where to Begin?”

Wednesday, September 21 from 12-1:30pm – American Mountaineering Center (710 10th Street, Golden)

Our topic for this meeting is Board Development, and in particular, Recruitment. We’ll be examining the current recruitment practices, challenges and issues faced by selected Golden nonprofits in real time, with a team of invited experts and the entire audience participating in the process. The goal is to come up with practical solutions that are tailored to each organization’s needs while still keeping in mind Best Practices for board development.

We hope you’ll forward this email to other leaders in your organization, and encourage them to attend. This is a great opportunity to invite your board members to participate!

November: Golden’s REDI Action Plan & Guided Discussion (& 2023 GNLR Planning Discussion)

Wednesday, November 16 from 12-1:30pm – American Mountaineering Center (710 10th Street, Golden)

Transforming organizations and communities to be more equity centered requires changing mindsets and behaviors, as well as policies and programs. This is challenging work that takes focus, intentionality, and time, and requires an artful mix of leadership skill, collaboration, and accountability. The City of Golden has created a roadmap to address Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) and this discussion will review the plan and consider how Golden nonprofits could help bring this plan to reality.

PRESENTER: For this session, join Deputy City Manager Carly Lorentz for presentation and guided discussion about the City’s REDI action plan. Following this presentation and discussion, we’ll round out the meeting with a short planning session focused on identifying 2023 meeting topics for the Roundtable to pursue.

Please RSVP here:

“I moved to the Golden area in mid-2019 to lead the Colorado Railroad Museum. Within just weeks, I was introduced to the Golden Executive Directors Roundtable and was pleased to participate in several meetings. Although the pandemic affected the organization unavoidably, it also has led to some helpful introspection and positive changes for this group. I’m excited to be accepting the torch from Kim Mangle, who has worked tirelessly to bring us all together for the good of our organizations and ultimately, our community. I look forward to working with all of you, some of Golden’s finest, as we continue to focus on networking and learning opportunities to help us all reach our full potential!”

Paul Hammond

Executive Director, Colorado Railroad Museum

About the Golden Nonprofit Leadership Roundtable


A visible, thriving and synergistic nonprofit community that inspires engagement and improves quality of life.


To create opportunities for collaboration and networking, foster connections between nonprofits and the larger community, and provide professional development for nonprofit leaders located in and/or serving Golden.


The Golden Nonprofit Leadership Roundtable (GNLR) was founded in February 2018 by Kim Mangle, a local resident and nonprofit consultant. She worked with Connects Workspace and the Golden Civic Foundation to conduct a needs assessment of Golden-area nonprofits in late 2017. The findings indicated that nonprofits desired more ways to connect with one another and to the larger community. The GNLR now includes numerous nonprofits and community partners, located in and/or serving the Golden community.

Since then, the focus has grown to include everything from program evaluation, financial management, advocacy, and meeting facilitation, to board governance, succession planning, and engaging the next generation.

The GNLR holds monthly meetings that provide networking, collaboration, and professional development opportunities.


The GNLR is led by a volunteer Steering Committee of local nonprofit leaders, with the financial support of the Golden Civic Foundation, that is committed to help create opportunities for collaboration and networking, foster connections between nonprofits and the larger community, and provide professional development for nonprofit leaders located in and/or serving Golden.

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