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Building A Better Golden

It would be difficult to find a family living in Golden who has not been positively impacted in some fashion by the Golden Civic Foundation’s charitable work.   Started in 1970, more than two generations of Golden’s citizens have benefited from the GCF’s participation in community life. From the downtown streetscape and public art that graces city streets and walking paths, the sponsorship of community events and the support of downtown revitalization efforts, the Foundation has invested more than $5 million in Golden.

Community Investment

The American Mountaineering Center View From Washington Ave.

The Golden Civic Foundation purchased the former Golden Junior High School property in 1992 and sold it to the American Alpine Club and Colorado Mountain Club, who formed the American Mountaineering Center. Approximately $10 million was spent on the renovation of this historic building, and today it is a focal point of Golden, hosting meetings, lectures and community gatherings. Other notable collaborations include the Table Mountain Inn, Gateway Station, the Golden Hotel and Clear Creek Commons. The Foundation also supports a loan program for non-profit organizations and small businesses to spur economic growth in Golden.

Our 45 Year Anniversary Video from 2015

Golden’s Schools

The Golden Civic Foundation is proud to support Golden’s schools at every level — math curricula and technical innovation in our elementary and middle schools, after prom support for the high school, and scholarships to Red Rocks Community College. Nearly every child in Golden has been touched in some way by a Civic Foundation grant. We recognize that Golden’s children are poised for leadership, and we stand ready to support our schools as they prepare our kids for success!

Community Events

By sponsoring events such as the Farmer’s Market, the Golden Fine Arts Festival, Golden Street Fairs, The USA Pro Cycling Challenge and the Candlelight Walk, The Golden Civic Foundation supports a vibrant downtown a close-knit community and a thriving local economy.

Christmas Walk

Olde Golden Christmas Candlelight Walk

The GCF and it’s Board of Directors work collaboratively with organizations and people committed to making a difference in the life of our community. This deep engagement keeps us informed about our community’s greatest needs and the best resources with which to address them. For more than 45 years, we have proven that donors contributing together through a community foundation have a powerful ability to bring about change for people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Civic Foundation has been essential to providing so many resources for so many entities in our community. They are part of the heart and soul of Golden!”

Bill Kilpatrick

Chief of Police, City of Golden

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