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“For the Good of Golden”

Since 1970, the Golden Civic Foundation has had a profound impact on our community by partnering with residents, government, businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations to ensure essential programs and services work together to achieve lasting, positive change. This profound impact started in the late 1960s when the City of Golden was a much different place – nearly 40 percent of downtown Golden was vacant and the existing businesses had a difficult time surviving. There was a dire need for civic improvements, but tax revenues and other public funds were simply not available. It was at this point when a group of businessmen, Heinie Foss, Fred Pattridge and Joe Meyer, along with other City officials formed the Golden Civic Foundation in May 1970.

Our mission is to invest in the economic and cultural vitality of the Golden Community. Since 1970, we have provided Civic Development, Community Grants and Small Business Loans with the help of our partnerships, donations, and volunteers. Our charter is clear: to champion the passion and spirit of those who inhabit our neighborhoods, to assist beyond what’s expected, and ultimately abide by the “Golden Rule.”

History of the Golden Civic Foundation

Community/Civic Development


The American Mountaineering Center, on the corner of 10th Street & Washington Avenue, is one of many examples of the Golden Civic Foundation’s community development projects.

The Golden Civic Foundation has been instrumental in numerous development projects that have touched nearly every square inch of downtown Golden. A few examples of these projects include the development of the Golden Visitor’s Center, Table Mountain Inn, American Mountaineering Center, Golden Hotel, Clear Creek Commons, Gateway Station, numerous parking lots, and much of the downtown streetscape. Additionally, the Golden Civic Foundation purchased many public art pieces and facilitated the formation of City’s Public Art Commission that enhances the community character through public art.

Community Grants

The Golden Civic Foundation provides annual community grants to charitable organizations, public schools, museums and cultural centers in the greater Golden area. Community grants are made possible by the funds that we raise at our annual Gala and Auction. The Golden Civic Foundation has invested millions to nonprofit, government, and school organizations that make the greatest positive impact on ‘doing good’ for our community of Golden.

Small Business Loan Program

Over the years, the Golden Civic Foundation has and continues to provide loans to various small businesses and charitable organizations when they are unable to obtain conventional financing. The funds are used as bridge loans until permanent financing can be obtained, to provide working capital, or to cover building improvements.

A few more interesting stories about the Foundation…

We are honored to partner with the City of Golden’s Communication’s Department to highlight some great stories in our community. These stories weave some of the history of the Golden Civic Foundation’s positive impact in our community. Take a look!

City of Golden’s Historical Videos:

Our 45th Year Anniversary Video

“The Golden Civic Foundation has provided funding to the Golden Police Department for decades, which has been used to sponsor National Night Out event held every August in Parfet Park. We are proud of the work the Foundation does for our Golden community and honored to be one of many organizations who have received support from the Foundation.”
Joe Harvey

Chief of Police, City of Golden

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