Janet Johnson – Longtime Golden Resident since the 1970s;

“I just want to say thank you to the Golden Civic Foundation for your support for the Miners Alley Playhouse/Meyer Hardware transaction. That was what prompted me to add my small contribution last week. We will keep our treasured Meyer Hardware building and Miners Alley will have the support for their fine productions and for future growth – not to mention greater ease in preparing for and producing their very professional, enjoyable plays and concerts for all ages. Since its inception, Golden Civic Foundation has been always taken the lead in making Golden an attractive, shared, thriving community.  Citizens who want to go “back to the ’70s” forget that Washington Avenue and surrounding streets were a disaster for the welfare of Golden’s tax base, which meant most of Golden was in disrepair and/or closed.  I no longer go to your annual event but I’m proud to know and tell others about how much the Golden Civic Foundation has contributed to our community.”


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