Mike Bestor

Mike Bestor – Golden City Manager 1993 – 2015;  bestor~p1_200

“As Golden City Manager for two critical decades, I know first-hand how downtown Golden went from a dying small town to the thriving, prosperous, high-energy and fun place it is today. The Golden Civic Foundation joined with the City of Golden and the Golden Urban Renewal Authority in a courageous and creative three-way partnership to make things happen. Each organization used its unique assets in entrepreneurial   ways with private sector investors to transform empty lots and blighted buildings into dynamic opportunities for small, home-town businesses. The Golden Civic Foundation, with its ability to move at speeds not possible for their governmental partners, played a key role in attracting smart private sector investors with vision and a love for Golden.”

Wonderful places that we now take for granted like, The Golden Hotel, Clear Creek Square, Clear Creek Commons, Indulge, Golden Sweets, and so many more, as well as the plentiful free parking that makes coming here so easy, all owe their existence to these organizations. We could not have done it without the Golden Civic Foundation!”

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