Tim Phenna

Tim Phenna, Senior Pastor – Calvary Church, Golden; 

“At Calvary Church, we have enjoyed a long history of partnering with the Golden Civic Foundation on projects that seek to preserve the unique character of our city and to promote community connections. Most recently, GCF has provided a series of bridge loans for the enhancement of the area immediately adjacent to our buildings in the center of Golden. In 2014, GCF granted us a crucial loan to secure the Armory, with a vision to ensure that iconic and beloved building continue to be a resource and meeting place for Golden. In 2018, GCF again helped lead the way for the Celebration Plaza and Parking Structure; their loan for this exciting project will be re-paid as church members make good on pledges over the next few years. The Plaza is an investment in the heart and soul of Golden; a commitment to community that we are thrilled to share with GCF. The Golden Civic Foundation is truly a trustworthy leader in the Golden community. They have proven, time and again, that they have the best interests of the city and its people at heart.

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