The Golden Civic Foundation (the Foundation) today announced the unveiling of new marketing and branding elements that update the Foundation’s “look” and “story,” including a new logo, tagline, website and messaging verbiage. The updates coincide with the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary and update the organization’s brand to keep the organization current and relevant.  The new tagline, “For the Good of Golden” reflects the purpose of all of the Foundation’s efforts.

The new messaging and design elements are the result of a year-long partnership with Stone Strategy & Design, a Golden-based agency that provides strategic and creative branding, design, and marketing services nationwide. Current and past clients that Stone has worked with include the National Park Service, General Mills, Danone North America, Starbucks, P&G, Sotheby’s, and Potlatch. In addition, Stone runs an incubator program to support small businesses and emerging brands.

According to Stone Principal and Founder, Andy Yates, who moved his company to downtown Golden in May of 2019, the opportunity to work with the Golden Civic Foundation provided a great way for them to get involved and immediately connect with their new community. “As soon as we became aware of the Golden Civic Foundation’s mission, work and past accomplishments, we knew that we wanted to be a part of this effort. Working with their Board and Staff has been a totally eye-opening and educational experience for us as to why Golden is such a vibrant and connected community. We are proud to call Golden our home and the Golden Civic Foundation our partner.”

Added Heather Schneider, Executive Director of the Foundation, “Stone’s guidance of our organization through such an in-depth process of introspection and evaluation really helped us to fully articulate our journey and purpose. From seeing a need, to creating a vision, our story was woven together through the selfless work, time and donations of countless people. People, who shared a love of Golden and nurtured a common belief that we are together for the benefit of everyone. That vision echoes through our community to this day and guides us in everything we do.”

Unique, but subtle, aspects of the Foundation’s new logo include the keystone shape which symbolizes a central stone connecting the whole (community) together, the three gradient color layers indicating past, present and future and the bold Castle Rock imagery which implies Golden Pride. Additionally, the mission statement for the Foundation was updated to: “Our mission is to invest in the economic and cultural vitality of the Golden Community. For 50 years we have provided Community & Civic Grants and Small Business Loans with the help of our partnerships, donations, and volunteers. Our charter is clear; To champion the passion and spirit of those who inhabit our neighborhoods, to assist beyond what’s expected, and ultimately abide by the “golden rule”.

These new branding changes will take effect immediately and will be included in all of the Foundation’s marketing materials and communication. The new brand will be featured in the Foundation’s annual fundraiser, the November 7th Gala Night in Golden (hosted by downtown Golden restaurants), as well as on display from September 1 through November 8th via new Washington Avenue light post banners that celebrate the Foundation’s “50 years of impact” in the Golden community.